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trekpak_expld_viewBoth the Pick N Pluck™ foam and the Peli™ dividers have been protecting your sensitive material for decades. The Pick N Pluck™ foam provides excellent cushioning and can be cut exactly to the shape and dimensions of your devices. But once the foam is cut out you will need to purchase a completely new Pick N Pluck™ foam set if your case interior needs to be reconfigured. The Peli™ dividers, on the other hand, offer great flexibility but less protection against shocks. The TrekPak™ divider system combines the advantages of both systems: this divider system offers not only excellent shock absorption because of the integrated foam, but also flexibility because it can be rearranged so easily.

Only when you start to assemble TrekPak™ using the U-shaped pins it becomes clear how innovative the system is. The secret of TrekPak™ lies in the flexibility of the sandwich panels. These corrugated plastic panels are equipped with closed cell foam on both sides: the plastic panels provide structural strength while the foam provides the necessary shock absorption. The TrekPak™ divider kit contains sufficient customizable divider panels to create the appropriate compartments to fit all your material. The panels can be cut easily and securely with the cutter that is included in the kit. The panels are easy to fix to the case wall panels and other panels by using the U-shaped pins.

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These TrekPak™ kits are used for storage and protection of photo and video equipment, as well as for other sensitive equipment: telescopes, communication equipment, tools, receivers, medical equipment and much more.

A TrekPak™ set always includes the following components:
- Foam layer for case bottom and convoluted foam for case lid
- 2 wall panels (or also called “perimeter pieces”)
- Divider panels (or also called divider strips)
- Cutting tool for easy cutting of the panels
- U-shaped pins
The divider panels (or strips), U-shaped pins and cutting tools are also available separately as an accessory.

The following steps show how the Peli™ TrekPak™ dividers are installed:

Step 1: Place the bottom foam and convoluted foam in the casetrekpak_install_pic__1

Open the case and place the bottom foam in the bottom of the case and the convoluted foam in the lid of the case. Recesses are provided into the bottom foam for wheel housings or other shapes on the inside of the case.

Step 2: Place the case wall panelstrekpak_install_pic__2

The set always contains 2 case wall panels. Place both pieces together so that they fit nicely. If the case has wheels (or other shapes on the inside of the case), it must be ensured that the case wall is placed nicely over the housing. The wall panels are provided for this.

Step 3: Lock the wall panelstrekpak_install_pic__4

Use two U-pins to lock the two wall panels together. Press the panels gently down into the case so that they are securely fastened. Make sure there is no space between the wall panels and the case interior wall.

Step 4: Place your material into the caseCapture

Put all your material in the case so that the correct layout can be found. It may take a while before the puzzle is completely made! Also check regularly that there is enough space between the items to install the panels.

Step 5: Measure and mark the panelsCapture_1

Carefully measure the desired length of each divider panel and mark the length on the panel.

Step 6: Cut the divider panel using the cuttertrekpak_cutter__9

Lay the panel on a flat service, hold it down with your other hand and cut the panel to the previously marked length using the cutting tool. The cutting tool has been specifically developed to cut these panels quickly, easily and yet safely. Place the panel in the right place into the case.

Step 7: Attach the red tabs to the U-shaped pinstrekpak_install_pic__8

Attach the red tabs to the U-shaped pins for easy removal of the pins afterwards.

Step 8: Lock the dividerstrekpak_install_pic__5

Secure the panels by locking them together at the top using the U-shape pins.

You can also check out the video below that runs through the above mentioned steps and explains how to install the TrekPak™ system:

K-teg is long term distributor and partner of Peli Products. We keep a wide range of stock of all Peli™ cases (Peli™ Protector, Peli Storm™ and Peli™ Air Case) in different configurations and accessories. You can either buy the Peli™ case already including a ™ divider set (you select a case and then choose Trekpak™ as configuration) or you can buy it as an accessorry (under accessories in our online shop).

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