Packaging testing - what and why?

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In order to certify a case will perform to specific requirements, K-teg can help with packaging testing. A battery of rigorous tests is available to replicate or exceed conditions in the field. The pre-production prototype including a product sample or dummy is submitted to a series of testing to validate the packaging design.

The packaging specification, being put together in consultation with the client, describes carefully all test procedures and conditions. These tests will then be performed in calibrated rooms and with calibrated measuring equipment and at the end of the tests an extensively documented report with charts, pictures and the required documentation is delivered.

A few examples of these tests are listed below (tests & setups may vary according to different standards):Drop_test_haz-mat

  • Drop Test

The complete packaging solution with a product dummy will be dropped on a reinforced concrete plate from a certain height.

  • Impact Test

Captureo Falling dart – this test is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging exterior material (impact resistance test)
o Penetration test for category 1 containers - ATA 300 paragraph B-2-5: a 6-kilogram steel bar with a 3.2 centimeters diameter and hemispherical end is dropped from 0.5 meters height on the weakest point of the packaging.

  • Thermal Testchamber

A walk-in temperature and humidity chamber serves as a closed test site for large packaging units. These large chambers can be used for controlled temperature (exceeding 85°C) and humidity testing. These chambers, also known as climatic or climate test chambers, simulate the effects that a range of temperature and humidity conditions have on the packaging unit.

  • Immersion Test

Some more complex test chambers are able to simulate immersions up to 2 meters, pelican-custom-case-waterproof-test-submersionbut immersion tanks are typically used for immersions up to 1 meter.

  • Rain Test

Test chambers are capable of simulating any type of rain. Water pressure and flow rate can be adjusted/defined according to the application of the customer or the packaging specification.

  • Vibration Test

pelican-custom-cases-case-vibration-testingVibration tests are often carried out to verify that the packaging unit resists to the vibration conditions that the product may be subjected to during transport or use. Vibrations will vary according to the transportation used: plane, ship, train, car or truck all have different vibration profiles. The vibration test can even be conditioned for certain temperature or humidity ranges.

  • Compression

storm_tireA Compression test is used to simulate the stacking of different units of the same (or other) packaging units. Stacking may cause high compressive force and can potentially cause large material damage or physical harm. This test is done to validate the pressure strength of the packaging.

  • Tensile or elongation Test

Capture_1For this test an axial stretching load is applied and this type of test is commonly used to determine the maximum load (tensile strength) that the packaging material can withstand. For example, plastics with high elasticity, have very high elongations prior to break and are excellent packaging materials. This test is done to evaluate the packaging material type used for the outside shell of the complete case solution.

In many occasions, these simulation tests are done after a customer has experienced shipping damages. Once damage has occurred, an investigation can start to identify the cause of the damage and the packaging is being submitted to one (or a combination) of the above-mentioned test(s). However, it is preferable to use these tests during the development phase of the packaging solution in order to avoid transport damage and to achieve an early optimization.

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